Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Trends in Education

 I had heard of Universal Design for Learning briefly during my undergraduate education, however, it was not a focus so the concept faded. However, in the last few years my administration has been creating a great deal of buzz around Universal Design for Learning. Many of them went to a Harvard to do the training, so I thought this was a great opportunity to learn what all the buzz is about! The most fascinating thing I learned was that the idea of UDL seeded from CAST around special education needs. What is wonderful is that what started out as such a focused idea spun into an idea that is meant to encompass every learner. I think that the idea that an environment should be able to support every learners potential. The research that has been done in support of the best way to achieve students’ learning potential is pretty amazing. CAST is a phenomenal organization that is continually working on creating solutions to make the educational experience as effective and inclusive as possible. Below are some great visuals to refresh your mind around UDL along with Prezi!  Check it out!

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