Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Digital Storytelling

When it came time to put together my digital storytelling project, I found the idea of telling the story of myself evolving from a daughter to a mother as a the perfect topic. My adventure started on my desktop Mac at home. When I went onto iMovie I discovered that I had done a digital story six years ago about how I wanted to be remembered. It was extremely inspirational to watch the story as it was from my point of view shortly out of undergraduate school. Wow, I’ve learned so much since then! I quickly remembered how iMovie worked and was easily able to put together the digital story. Unfortunately, I had some issues due to the age of the computer and after working late into the night trying to get it on YouTube, I copied it onto a DVD just in case and called it a night. (The lesson learned was make sure your equipment is updated and is compatibly before starting a project.) I ended up making a new digital story with more current pictures and with a more updated computer. I learned how to use GarageBand and was able to easily narrate my favorite story to my pictures. Once my story was done I found embedding took a little bit of time but it was awesome to see it pop up on YouTube and have the control of who views it. I look forward to adding on to it and sending it to my family for the holiday season! 

I could see myself using digital storytelling with my students with the support of my technology specialist. I think it could be useful for retelling stories using their own drawings. I I also think it would be neat to have my class help me make the end of year DVD by narrating what’s going on in the pictures. Digital storytelling is not only a great way to incorporate technology it is a great way to capture your ideas, experiences and share it with others over and over again!

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  1. Oh what a time you had! Thank you for your perseverance and positive attitude throughout! I love the idea of having your students help narrate an end-of-year video and look forward to seeing what they come up with!