Wednesday, November 30, 2016

QR Codes are cool!

QR codes was a completely new concept for me all together. I have noticed them around in my environment on books, in grocery stores, etc. However, I had no idea what they did, they just looked like funny looking bar codes! So with the aide of my fabulous technology specialists, I converted my students video about describing leaves into an html. via Googledrive. Once they were converted we inputted them into a goggled template for QR codes and the QR codes were automatically created. The process of uploading the videos was only challenging because the students iPads had to be synced into a Googleddrive account, which was easily created. The QR codes were then printed out onto a leaf template and the boys and girls cut them out and put them on our tree bulletin board outside of the classroom. These QR codes were up and ready for viewing for Parent/Teacher conferences and the parents loved them! The kids around the building were interested with our bulletin board as they walked throughout the hallways as well. I loved having the kids use Shadow Puppet to make their videos about their leaves and they had a blast creating their videos. After doing the QR codes for the first time I felt that I would absolutely continue to use them not only having them used for displaying student created pieces but also as a teaching tool. I would like to try some other ways to create QR codes as I do think that the Google template was involved a bit more steps than necessary. On to my next technology discovery!                                                                                                            

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  1. Looking forward to watching some of the videos. Great display, too!