Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Smore Newsletter


When I was exploring the varies Tech Tac Toe options over the last few weeks I have discovered a great deal! I wanted to tackle Smore as a tool because I write a newsletter bi-weekly or monthly and I figured it would be the perfect resource I would actually use! I have found it to be extremely easy to work with and I enjoyed using the different templates for the background and editing options. There was also a very helpful tour for how to create flyers and all the different features that can be manipulated. After my second newsletter I found that it wasn't as "pretty" without pictures. When I tried to put in pictures using Creative Commons (super easy and convenient) I found that the formatting options for putting in pictures was simple but then I was not able to manipulate the size or location of the picture. That was a bit disappointing… nonetheless, I will be capturing photos of my students doing the activities from now on. Capturing my students doing the work that I am talking about might actually be more interesting for parents. I did start thinking about the fact that this is an online site, can anyone view my flyer or do I have to send it to them? That could pose a problem with the photos of my students as I would need permission for their faces to be in plain sight. Something to be mindful of…I have enjoyed getting familiar with the different features of Smore but there are still some features I don’t know that I will use like button or audio. I do think I might use the video feature along with the embedded link, however, I wonder once I get my Seesaw up and running more consistently if I will even need all the extra features. There are many other features that I did try on the site as I haven't personally found the need at this point.  I definitely plan to continue to use Smore to do my monthly newsletter because I like the format of the site and how easy it is to send it to all my students’ parents. 
Feel free to check out my newsletter on my website in my portfolio! My website

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  1. Images would definitely make the newsletter more engaging. Smore is somewhat limited but very easy to use!